The GR-105 engine for 1/4 turn valves from manufacturer GR Smart Home, automates a standard valve and controls it remotely using the Z-Wave technology.

This engine is ideal for rapid action in the event of flooding or leakage of water or gas. Associated with a flood or gas detector, it can protect your home from unfortunate incidents. May also be opened by a Z-Wave control, this engine can also be used for watering/irrigation.


It can be configured via a controller or Z-Wave home automation box to open at a predefined schedule and so water the garden. The GR-105 engine for 1/4 turn valves also has the Z-Wave repeater function.


  • Manages with 1/4 turn valves via Z-Wavenetwork
  • Cutting the water supply automatically if a leak or flood is detected (if associated with a flood detector)
  • Cutting off the gas supply if a leak is detected (if associated with a gas detector)
  • Can be used as an irrigation device
  • Function Opening / Closing
  • Z-Wave repeater function
  • Manual activation in case of power failure
  • 1 button to manually activate the valve and the inclusion / exclusion of the Z-Wave network
  • 1 Led indicator
  • Installs on a standard 1/4 turn valve.
  • Pipe diameter 3/4″


  • Module type: Slave Z-Wave
  • Power supply: 12VDC 1A (adapter provided)
  • Frequency: 868.42 Mhz
  • Transmission distance: 50m free field, 30m indoor
  • Torque: 30 ~ 60
  • Closing time: 5 ~ 10 seconds
  • Opening time: 5 ~ 10 seconds
  • Max pressure valve: 1.6 Mpa
  • Pipe diameter: 3/4 “

We have tested it with a Fibaro Home Center 2. No problems to report. Inclusion was ok. It appears as a ON/OFF device.

motor_valvula in fibaro

We did not test it with other Z-Wave controllers, but we tend to think it would be fine. It is a basic device with basic commands. Nor paramethers to configure neither alerts. The instructions included do no add any parameter to configure.


Device looks very tight, although the instruction sheet indicates no IP rating, we believe that is a IP42 or IP43, maybe 50, so it could be on the outside with a sort of protection.

The ring is a mechanical release, we guess that if there is no power supple, we could manipulate the valve manually.

gr-smarthome-motorisation 5


The inclusion / exclusion is done with 3 clicks on the upper red button

gr-smarthome-motorisation 4

It has 2 modes to manage, one by pressing top button, another  is ON / OFF  from the control center, both manually and via scenes.

The instructions are just some littel pages, and do not indicate anything more interesting as include / exclude the device center, once included not need to do anything beyond that included in the scenes you want to program.

Practical Tips

One thing to keep in mind is that som of thsi the ball valves 1/4 turn, may have a safety stop at the end of key travel after closing. If this is the case, if the valve is placed where it is, it may happen that the engine when the end can not jump that ceiling and is trying to reach the end of its travel (1 cm approx.). You can fix this by giving clearance centimeter on the trailing side of the screw for closing, so it stops when it has already closed before the safety stop, the closing is secure. Another solution is to put a valve that does not have that end of travel security feature, there are many valves that do not have it.

It may be advisable to remove the rubber covering the manacle. To open/close, this rubber does a little movement on the mint, slashing, biting and chewing.

It is also possible to put an additional permit, which honestly is not necessary, the screws have very good support and not move.

A real case scenario

In this particular case,  the engine has been instaled over the valve that provide water to the whole garden (irrigation, swimming pool and shower) that comes with 5 bar pressure (as instructed engine is able to open and close up to 16 bars ), so that in  case of  leak or case of pool overfill  shutdown is made. Those who have  skimmer pool know what it is to transform it into an overflowing pool just because a bit of careless …

This install has 4 distinct areas controlled via 2 solenoid valves a with 2 relays a Fibaro 2 x 1.5Kw module and the filling of the pool is controlated with anohter solenoid valve with a Fibaro module also (with a safety 5 min shutdown).

caso práctico motor valvula Z-Wave

The moto for the valve has been installer ofr security reason, especially whe filling the pool, so that if the water level reaches the upper level, pool do an emergency shutdown, also valve is closed at night for safety.

The floding pool level is controlled with 2 sensors, one for the lower level, which always has to be broken (have enough water), switching to safe (no water) and activating the valve 5 min to fill in the pool (if the pool runs dry, there are many chances of breaking the pump). So on, until again violated (the water reaches this first sensor). The other sensor is to flood the top level, you have to be sure water level does not exceed the limit. So,  if the higher flood sensor is violated, then this means there is too much water, in this case  the closing of the master valve protects against excessive filling.

Dallas Water Proof Temperatur probe

The picture shows howthe instalacón is made, the probe is hanging a Dallas DS18B20-Watrer Proof probe that takes the temperature of the water in the summer months. It serves to maintain the temperature of the water in the leve we like (about 30 °C). In this case we raise the water temperature using a heat pump is that turned on or off depending on the temperature of the this probe.

Motor Z-Wave for 1/4 turn water/gas valves manufactured by GR Smart Home it is available in for 79,95€

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