Zipabox offers the possibility to communicate natively with Z-Wave technology. Let’s see how to add a generic detector Z-Wave as the opening sensor Everspring HSM02.

In the Zipabox configuration interface we have to click on “Add Device”.

Zipabox control panel

As Zipabox supports different protocols, we have to define what type of module we will add. Choose “Generic Z-Wave” and then click “Join”).

Zipabox Join

Now we have 120 seconds to press the connect button on the module we are going to add (press once or three times depending on the module). In the case of HSM02 detector it must be three fast successive times.

Zipabox connect

Once the device is added and saved, you can close the window.

After updating the page (press F5 on the keyboard), and look for the device in the list of sensors (sensor panel).

Zipabox sensor door window close

By simulating a door that opens, you can check the correct operation of the module.

Zipabox sensor door window open

From the little icon, you can access the module configuration.

Detector information

Then the module can be assigned to a room, indicated the type of detector and selected a name and description.

The detector communicates with Zipabox! If you have other modules of this type to add, follow the same procedure.

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