My temporary Vera2 installation may be seen in the following picture. I will just have to get a larger box, to fit both my DSL router and Vera in the same box.

Currently my Zwave configuration consists of the following:

  • Vera2
  • Fibaro FGD211 dimmer module
  • Fibaro FGR221 roller shutter module
  • 3x Everspring dimmer AD142-2
  • Düwi light switch
  • SQ blaster

All  device  parameters  are  easily  configured through  Vera’s  http  user  interface,  and  the  final  user control of lights is done by Homebuddy, an application for Android devices. Each instruction, once the device is connected to the local Vera WiFi network, is processed instantaneously. However, if the app connects remotely to Vera, it takes 2-3 seconds for the instruction to be processed. Naturally, scenes like “coming home”, “watching TV”, “going to bed” or “going to bed alone” are preconfigured and easily accessible through the app. Each of the scenes switches certain lights on or off, dims them to  a  certain  level,  and,  once  I  configure  the  SQ  blaster  unit,  will  switch  TV  and  AV  equipment accordingly.

About the Author

José Miguel Rubio Varas
Cofounder of Domótica Dainci. Since childhood I wanted to become telecommunications engineer. I got tired of being Engineer Power Point and I decided to undertake. I found my passion in Automation. That automation that is not already expensive or a source of problems, but it is for everyone.