Our first project with Cubieboard has been to manage Z-Wave home automation from it. After some complications due to the lack of existing documentation on the Internet, we share a tutorial about how to get the Z-Cloud agent installed:

Material and Prerequisites:

  • Cubieboard
  • Aeon Labs USB Adapter
  • A Windows PC
  • An iPad / iPhone (if we manage the system from the same)
  • Checking into the website
  • PuTTy, Diskimage, WinSCP.

Steps to set the Z-Wave Cubieboard:

  • We download the following image -> (currently this is the only image to Cubieboard whose kernel integrates CP210X drivers needed to manage AeonLabs adapter. Entire setup will be done with PuTTy via SSH, since it will not have the onscreen image at any time.)
  • We copy the image in our micro SD (2 GB recommended) with DiskImage program
  • Before plugging the Aeon Labs adapter, we match it with the device/s you want to control.
  • We switch it on with the micro SD inside the Cubieboard, and click on the USB adapter bottom. We wait a couple of minutes to boot up and take an IP address. To check the IP, we access the web interface of our router, and query the DHCP client table (our cubieboard come labeled as Debian).
  • Access the Cubieboard with Putty via SSH: user -> root password -> password.
  • Once logged in, we install sudo (absent in Debian), update packages and libraries:

apt-get update

aptitude dist-upgrade

apt-get install sudo

sudo apt-get install libargtable2-0 libargtable2-dev

  • We create the folder that will host the agent Z-Cloud:

mkdir zagent; cd zagent; mkdir Certificates

  • Download the Z-Cloud agent and startup script:



  • We change the execute permissions:

chmod u+x *

  • The startup script is configured by default to access the port ttyUSB0. If we connected the Z-Wave adapter in the lower USB, we don’t have to change anything. However, if we want to check:

dmesg|grep cp210x|grep tty

  • If we have to change the port, edit the script with nano, and modify line 12:


line#12: ./z-agent -s –cacert Certificates/cacert.pem –cert Certificates/cert.pem –key Certificates/cert.key -d /dev/*ttyUSB0* “${@}”

Certificados Z-connector

  • We transfer the 3 files (cacert.pem, cert.pem and cert.key) from your PC to your Cubieboard, in the Certificates folder. To do this we use the WinSCP program ( that allows you to transfer files via SSH from Windows.
  • It remains only to run the agent:


Z-Cloud online

  • If you click on the message, you will access to the control panel via the web browser:

Z-Way screenshot

  • Or you can download the application Z-Way on AppStore, where after setting the profile of our account can manage the devices from the iPad/iPhone.



Cubieboard pack

If you are interested in buying the Cubieboard, I recommend this pack of Z-Wave gateway based on Cubieboard that comes with a Z-Wave USB adapter, a cable for connecting SATA hard drive and a protective casing.


Translated from the original of Nacho de la Torre:

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