The home automation controller Zipabox keeps control orfyour home from anywhere in the world, but also to be alerted in case of intrusion, gas leakage or other. You just need to have an Internet conection. Using Z-Wave technology, Zipabox communicates with different objects in your home, such as sensors (detectors), remote controls, actuators, sirens,…

We will see in this tutorial how to set up the Zipabox. It comes with power supply, Ethernet cable, an antenna and an installation manual.


Start first by screwing the Z-Wave antenna.

Zipabox back

Then connect the Zipabox to your ADSL via the supplied cable (RJ-45).

Zipabox RJ-45 Ethernet

Finally connect the power on Zipabox.

Zipabox electricity

The LED on the right lights up orange, then blinks green and then fixed to indicate that the network connection is working.

Zipabox LED

We now proceed to create an user account. Open your web browser and go to


Click the top right button “Register”.

Register form

Fill in the required fields and click “Register”.

Register success

Click “OK”. An email has been sent to the address you provided. Check your SPAM folder if the email has not been received after a few minutes because it can be detected in that way. Open the e-mail and click the link to activate your account. The home page of the site opens and you can log in by filling out the user name (your email address) and password you specified.

Enter the serial number, which is located on the bottom of your Zipabox. This will link your account to your Zipabox.

Zipabox Serial Number

After clicking “Save”, you need to log in again to access the control panel.

Zipabox Control Center

An update may be available for your Zipabox, in this case, click “Upgrade”.

Upgrade Zipabox

Then click “Upgrade to new version”.

Upgrade Zipabox

If your Zipabox is marked “OFFLINE” while the LED is green, press the reset button on the back.

Reset Zipabox

After a few minutes, Zipabox will be marked “ONLINE” and with the steady green LED. The update can continue.

The LED will flash white/pink during the time of the procedure. Once the update is complete, the LED will return to steady green.

You can close the message of successful update and refresh the page (press F5 on your keyboard). The button “Upgrade” has disappeared and your Zipabox is updated.

Your Zipabox is installed and  you only have to add your devices!

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