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January 16, 2014

Wearable devices at CES 2014

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Escrito por: Alfonso Eguino
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Last week I attend to CES Las Vegas 2014, the biggest electronic event in the world. I can tell you a lot about the devices, gadgets, cars and technology that companies all around the world presented in the show, but in this post I will focus in weareable devices.

Wearable devices are the gadgets we wear to measure different parameters. It is related with the concept “quantity itself”, where the technology allows us to control our hearbeat, blood preassure, sugar level in blood, calories burned during exercise, the sun we receive,… There are devices to know all this parameters and much more.

In the next video I recorded in CES, you will be able to watch some of them. The weareable devices we present are this: Kikplan, MIO Alpha, Ibitz, Fitbit,  Technogym, iFIT, June, YofiMeter and Kreyos:

The most part of them are related with practicing exercise and measure our effort and distance we would have runned, for example, calculating the calories we burned, the state of our heartbeat,… We can combine the devices with smartphones, tablets or even Google Glasses to make us expend more fun time while we practice. For example with MIO we can watch in the TV how we are going in a cycling race or with iFIT we can watch Google Street View while we are walking making us feel like if we were really in Rome.

One device a bit different is June, a bacelet which absorbs sunlight and show us its quality. It’s interesting for people who has skin problems or sensibility to sunlight. YofiMeter is also related with e-Health, as it helps people with diabetes to avoid dangerous situations.

Most part of them work with Wi-Fi technology, so it means that they can connect with other devices and upload information to the cloud, to try to beat friends, for example, but also to send it to our doctor in case of emergency.

I’m sure that soon they will be a reality among us an we will use it everyday.

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Alfonso Eguino
I am technology consultant and online marketing manager at Domotica Davinci. I'm pretty geek and I really like gadgets and device programming. I share news and reviews about devices that anyone can use.


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