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October 17, 2013

Home automation in VoIP2Day 2013

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Escrito por: Alfonso Eguino
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VoIP technology has been few years with us. We can send voice calls over the Internet using IP protocol with the signal traveling in digital format. For this reason,  special phones are needed to interpret that information. With a bit less history  VoIP2Day event celebrates its new edition in Madrid on November 6th and 7th in the Crystal Tower .

Last year was held at IFEMA and this year will take a turn, including new website ( to make it more open to businesses. In fact this year there will be more stands and participating companies will be showcasing their latest products, devices, services and VoIP technology advances . It is certainly an excellent opportunity to see first hand all the innovations in the sector.

Although VoIP can improve the quality of our lives , communication and is based on the Internet, is not properly speaking home automation. But, yes, there is a “but”, because there will be a talk about home automation in VoIP2Day. It will be on Thursday 7th at 10am and the character is Alberto Sagredo. The main theme will be Asterisk and the advantages it offers, but also he will show other technologies such as Z -Wave and show some examples with Zipato API connecting various devices like a siren Fortrezz , Everspring sensor, etc.

What we can achieve with this is that we know the state of our home at any time through our smartphone . We’ll know the temperature of the house, air quality, we can open or close doors,… The potential of these technologies is enormous and multiplies exponentially if we combine between them.

We recommend attending VoIP2Day and especially the interesting talk of Alberto . More information:

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Alfonso Eguino
I am technology consultant and online marketing manager at Domotica Davinci. I'm pretty geek and I really like gadgets and device programming. I share news and reviews about devices that anyone can use.


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