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October 28, 2013

Aisoy, a robot with Z-Wave technology

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Escrito por: Alfonso Eguino
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Robot Aisoy1

We present Aisoy, AISoy1 more specifically, which is a robot based on Raspberry Pi. First we should noted that this is a 100% Spanish project, developed in Elche. Not all robots have to come from Japan! This is a robot designed to be used as a simple learning tool to help to learn more about the possibilities of artificial intelligence and social robotics programming. Also we can play with it, of course.

As it is based on Raspberri Pi, they had the good idea of using Razberry to enhance the functionality of AISoy1 with Z-Wave technology. You will be able to control any Z-Wave device.

In the following video you can see an example of use from the robot programming system:

The devices are controlled through Everspring (on/off) switch, which is a unit with the same technology to turn on and off any load up to 16A (3.5 kW).

The test program have been developed by themselves through a graphical programming called DIA, of which they are the authors. It is a procedure, which is expecting to receive voice commands with orders.

We invite you to visit their website to have all the information of the project:

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