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September 25, 2013

“Z-Wave Fundamentals and Basic Training” by Z-Wave Alliance in Atlanta

Z-Wave Atlanta training

Last week I had the fortune to attend the official Z-Wave Alliance course organized in Atlanta (USA) for a few companies from countries all around the world specialized in home automation. The training lasted three days, from August 14th to 16th and we had de opportunity to know all the latest Z-Wave technology news that I will share below. We also met other companies that work and/or sell these products in other countries.

We have seen a change of the veiw about how to categorize and develop home solutions. In fact we can talk about 6 clear divisions:

  1. Home Control (classical home automation, lighting, blinds, awnings, etc..).
  2. Security (technical alarms, fire, flood, intrusion, sirens, locks).
  3. Energy efficiency (thermostats, consumption metrics).
  4. Entertainment (media control, audio, entertainment, communications).
  5. E-health.
  6. Service robots.

Undoubtedly the greatest news which was that new chipset 500 was presented. It is not a revolution, but a major technological developments as it offers a higher transmission speed reaching up to 100 Kbps with lower consumption. We will be able to integrate IP data networks and is natively compatible with all previous devices.

Chipset 500 Z-Wave

With the new chipset also appears the new Z-Wave Plus certification, which will be mandatory for the entire serie. The installation process is simple and promises better performance. From now on, the devices can be updated on the fly thanks to firmware update OTA (Over the Air). With all these changes the aim is to create and configure the network devices connected easier.

Z-Wave Plus certification

The software is very important and it was also presented the SDK tools and SDK 4.55 6.50. Updated versions for chipset 300 and 500 series respectively, which are accompanied by the Z-Wave Programmer to develop virtual appliances and try in test mode with the development kit. We can also play with the Z-Wave Sniffer by connecting via USB, we can collect all the frames sent to examine the contents. This program is designed for developers and senior programmers, making it very difficult for the average user, but it is interesting. In fact it was mention the possibility of developing a new plugin that can be used with Wire Shark. It sounded fun, really.

Z-Wave sniffer dongle

Finally we also saw some new device as the Gateway Z/IPGW designed specifically for network deployment. It simplifies the integration of Z-Wave protocol and allows applications to connect directly to devices via TCP/IP. We could say that it is a true Z-Wave IP router.


It was a great opportunity to attend the training, sharing experiences with companies from different countries and learn first hand these and other developments about a technology that is slowier more present at home. In addition we were fortunate to have two excellent teachers, Mariusz and Ben, who I want personally thank their dedication and effort.

Sobre el autor

José Miguel Rubio Varas
Cofounder of Domótica Dainci. Since childhood I wanted to become telecommunications engineer. I got tired of being Engineer Power Point and I decided to undertake. I found my passion in Automation. That automation that is not already expensive or a source of problems, but it is for everyone.



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