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February 19, 2013

Almond+: The fashion router is also Zigbee Gateway and Z-Wave home automation

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Escrito por: José Miguel Rubio Varas
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This week we about a new initiative of Spanish home automation system: Wattio. We noticed that the initiative is based on the Zigbee device ecosystem. We asked them why they chose Zigbee Twitter:



They said that the reasons were security, encryption and OTA updates. They also added that Z-Wave was fine for simple applications, etc. Some, as we think, also commented that they expected to be incorporated in Z-Wave.

In this line, for example, walks another domotic initiative most renowned, home automation gateway, controlled from your smartphone, and wireless sensors and actuators. At International CES 2013 we knew that Smarthings will support both Zigbee and Z-Wave.

From Smarthings and its initiative to capitalize via Kickstarter we had heard some time ago. Which wasn’t expected at this event was the Almod+.

Securifi Almond+

Almond+ is a small router launched last year, which has become in less than three months a number one product in its category on Amazon U.S. For $79 provides an interesting range of functionalities and also has a front panel touch screen to manage these options without a PC. Some journals already have dubbed as the next generation router.

The company Securifi has surprised us with a new very interesting model: Almond+.

On one hand, they have evolved the router itself, with 4 Gigabit Ethernet connections to and WiFi 802.11ac (1.17Gb/s!), what makes it as one of the fastest routers at the moment. Of course, with the usual functions of the routers in this range: firewall, port forwarding, QoS, VLAN, DMZ, etc.

On the other hand, and here’s the kicker, Securifi decided to integrate home automation modules with support for Z-Wave and ZigBee. So, the house can be controlled from the touch screen of the router or via a mobile app (iPhone and Android in progress).

Finally, the biggest argument: a price of only $99, so it is a very convenient router, but also with a minimum price as home automation Gateway!

Securifi made this comparison of Almond+ with other routers and the Vera 3, which is a router with a chip native Z-Wave:

comparativa almond+

Small video demo:

Securifi también ha presentado su router en International CES 2013 haciendo una pequeña demostración con módulos Z-Wave:

Securifi also presented the router at International CES 2013 by making a small demonstration with Z-Wave modules:

Tempting, doesn’t it?

Well, even if they are compatible with Z-Wave and ZigBee, it is still not availabe to go deeper in some details to see what the softwareand platform are capable, which is really what can make  differences in terms of other proposals like home automation.

Right now Almond+ is another Kickstarter project, without any doubt that funding will achieve its goals: it has accumulated more than $200,000 of the $250,000 needed, and there are still 30 days left.

If you like it, even if the automation does not convince you, it will be a very good router for a reasonable price ($129 for the special version of “Pearl” + $30 for shipping outside the U.S.).

Delivery scheduled for September, we will have to wait and be ready.

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José Miguel Rubio Varas
Cofounder of Domótica Dainci. Since childhood I wanted to become telecommunications engineer. I got tired of being Engineer Power Point and I decided to undertake. I found my passion in Automation. That automation that is not already expensive or a source of problems, but it is for everyone.


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