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January 15, 2013

Sphero, the remote control sphere for games and augmented reality


Today we share with you a small robot. Sphero is an sphere, which can be used as a gaming system controlling from a smartphone (there is application for iOS and Android).

It can be used just to play and move it on the floor or even customize the colors of light emitted by moving a joystick from the touch screen. We can also interact and play games, for example in the iPad, using the robot controller like Nintendo Wii type. Sphero has a mark that needs to be pointing our face and through the twists and turns in the tilt we can control spaceships or cars.

Probably the most innovative utility is the ability to play with augmented reality. You can use the device to play games on the screen with augmented reality, having as reference point the robot sphere. The games are very simple, user can hardly slide the finger and throw things, but it’s a first contact in the use of this technology with robots for the end user.

Sharky augmented reality Sphero

Video recorded during CES with a demonstration of the games and augmented reality:

This one is the official video of Sphero:

Sobre el autor

José Miguel Rubio Varas
Cofounder of Domótica Dainci. Since childhood I wanted to become telecommunications engineer. I got tired of being Engineer Power Point and I decided to undertake. I found my passion in Automation. That automation that is not already expensive or a source of problems, but it is for everyone.


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